TOCA® Anti Surveillance Kit

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These three products offer you several layers of security to protect your device from spying. 

No Signal Sleeve

Did you ever feel your phone knows where you have been?

  • The "No Signal sleeve" will block all signals, so it will be impossible to track your phone's location. Once the phone is inside the sleeve GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, 5G, NFC, is blocked. The sleeve functions as a faraday cage. Inside the sleeve there a German smart textile made with silver. 
  • Suitable for barely all Smartphones


           Technical data - pdf


Mic Blocker

Did you ever feel that your phone is "hearing" what you say without your consent?

  •   Plug into your phone, tablet or laptop, and it blocks the outgoing audio!
  •  Suitable for Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop Computers with mic/headphones input.

Webcam cover

Protect your webcam from intrusion.

  • Just slide with your finger to open & close the little "window blackout" in front of your webcam, so you have the control when to be seen or not.
  • Suitable for Smartphones, Tablets, and Desktop Computers


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