TOCA EMF Protection Waist Bag - Pink

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Fashion bumbag, EMF protective belt bag for women and men with an adjustable strap. Extremely versatile, good-looking, and the absolute star of practicality.

Wear it your way!

The new TOCA Waist Bag has a certified EMF protective silver-coated layer that shields the body from smartphone radiation.

Unlike the No Signal Sleeve, which blocks all signals by acting as a Faraday cage, your phone will still be reachable inside the TOCA Waist Bag.


Small enough to fling across the shoulder, wear around the waist, or slung over the body.

It has four different compartments:

- The main one for the phone, wallet and other valuables.

- Two smaller ones in the front for keys, cards, lipstick, and bubble gum.

- There is a little pouch attached to the inside. It is perfect for keeping small items like coins and USB sticks safe.

Compact and lightweight: The integrated little pouch also serves as a cover to keep the TOCA Waist Bag when not in use.

Safe release buckle: The strap can only be opened by pressing both ends at the same time.

Designed to last: Made with high-quality zippers, straps, buckles and upcycled parachute silk.

Sustainable Production : Our bags are manufactured in our in-house factory in Bali, Indonesia.


Orders from Germany 1-3 working days

Orders from Europe 5-7 working days

Delivery takes up to 14 working days for orders from outside the European continent.


We stand for fair wages and a pleasant working environment.

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