Control Your Phone- “Finding balance between privacy, health and technology”.



Have you ever considered the consequences of our digital habits? What happens when we mindlessly accept and engage with everything online?

To explore critical topics such as digital privacy, mental well-being, and EMF radiation protection, we are featuring the stories of three individuals who have faced the repercussions of their device usage. Marcela, a young mother, is searching for strategies to cultivate a healthier relationship between herself, her child, and their smartphones. Chris, a businessman, shares his journey from digital overindulgence to burnout after a decade of gadget dependency. Camila, a journalist, shares her experiences of persecution stemming from digital privacy vulnerabilities.

Be Our Guest at the Premiere in Berlin!

To mark the documentary launch, we invite you to an event featuring talks, presentations, and discussions exploring the issues of our digital world.

Get ready to hear from as they present the privacy and security-focused mobile operating system GrapheneOS, providing a mindful perspective on the realm of smartphones and surveillance plus much more.

🎙 Program:

17:00-18:00: Tips and tricks on how to regain control over your phone.

18:00-18:30: Data investigative journalist Luis Assardo shares insights on digital privacy management.

18:45-19:00 Premiere - Control Your Phone

19:00-19:30: Resist.Berlin presents grapheneos, a privacy and security-focused mobile developed as a non-profit open-source project.

19:30 -20:30 Networking drinks by SomoS Art House.



Saturday the 4th of November 2023.
From 17- 20:30h.

Kottbusser Damm 95,10967 Berlin.


Film Production
Primavera Digital & TOCA
Director and screenwriter: 
Carolina Caffé
Carolina Caffé & Denis Altschul
Art Direction: 
André Hostalácio & Denis Altschul
Director of Photography: 
Rodrigo Levy
Fernando Oliveira
Production assistant: 
Vitor Altschul
Production assistant: 
Mariana Lima

Camera assistant: 
Rita Couto
Sound recordist: 
Denis Altschul
Still photography: 
Denis Altschul & André Hostalácio
Sound design and mixing: 
Fernando Oliveira
Asi C
Curtis Cole
Vladislav Kurnikov
Color correction: 
Clau Rossatti
Casting (video)
Camila Nobrega
Marcela Donato
Christian Huder
Denis Altschul
André Hostalácio
Nala Rae
Casting (photos)
Katharina Brandt
Vitor Altschul
Tobias Feltes
Mariana Lima
Hurricane Schaef
Ylva Falk
Simone Biorn
Duê Hautê
Damur Huang
Irene Arcas
Christian Gross
Gerda Mi
Renata Saboya
Vincent Littlehat
Fahrani Pawaka
Lola Lustosa⁠
Sophus Ritto
Anna Leevia
Danilo Timm
Roberta Jurcic
Jamille Tessarim
Special thanks to:
Vic Sabottka
Original idea
Carolina Caffé
Berlin, 2023