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TOCA TALKS to Guido Weyers about media addiction

Dr. Guido Weyers is a psychotherapist in the field of addiction and conducts parent counselling sessions on problematic media consumption. Guido is qualified in the consumption reduction programs SKOLL (cross-addiction self-control training) and THE QUEST (media consumption reduction program). He also conducted outpatient rehabilitations with substance-related addictions (mainly drugs and alcohol) and behaviour addictions (primarily gaming and online pornography) in the past 12 years.

TOCA TALKS to Michael Hengstler about Data Privacy

We have the distinct pleasure of talking to Michael Hengstler about data privacy. Michael has been a lawyer since 2014 with a focus on data protection since 2018. He is a data protection officer certified by the TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection). He offers legal solutions in data protection, information technology and copyright law.

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