Story & Mission

With insight into the rapid advancement in technology today, we have begun to ask ourselves "HOW is it developing so quickly" and "what are the side effects on our health and lifestyle." Considering that the smartphone is our most used device, this is where we’ve begun to dig deeper and have solved a much needed and overlooked problem.

After 30 years in existence, it is now becoming more evident that smartphones have a negative impact on our daily lives. Some of it’s most destructive influences are: harmful radiation emissions, addictive behaviors affecting personal life, sleep apnea, car accidents, and an open vulnerability to unwarranted surveillance.

TOCA was initially developed to create a physical solution to block radio frequencies from phones and other radio devices, thus enabling a healthier interaction with the digital world. It has since proven to be useful in many of the other aforementioned ways. We’ve created TOCA for individual use, but also designed custom solutions for commercial businesses to discourage phone use during meetings and during vital times of the workday. All of this of course, while reducing those harmful radiation emissions enabling a healthier work life.
We are a Berlin-based company and launched our first product through a successful Kickstarter campaign in spring 2017. Since then we have put more resources into research and development to find new design solutions. Now we just launched the second edition of the foldable “No Signal” sleeve.
We stand for fair wages and a pleasant working environment. Our products are manufactured in our in-house factory in Bali, Indonesia.