How much radiation is my smartphone emitting?

In recent years we have witnessed the increase of radiofrequency radiation devices in all realms of our lives – they are in our offices and homes, next to our heads when we sleep, attached to our bodies when we go anywhere. And yet, we are still not properly informed on how their radiation influences our mental and physical wellbeing or how the manufacturers of these devices recommend us to use them safely.

Considering the lack of knowledge, many of us fail to take the necessary steps to protect ourselves from harmful radiation. Many people aren´t aware that mobile phones and other wireless devices emit RF radiation continually, especially when the signal is poor . Or that the effect of the RF radiation intensifies the closer the device is to the body, and therefore it should always be kept at a certain distance. In the case of Apple, they recommend us to “carry iPhone at least 15mm away from your body to ensure exposure levels remain at or below the as-tested levels.”

The biggest exposure and health risk happen when a device is placed next to the head.

All mobile phones must meet the RF exposure standard, but scientists and medical experts generally agree that adverse health effects can occur regardless of the standard. The parameter used to measure phone radiation emissions is the Specific Absorption Rate ( SAR ). It is the unit of measurement that represents the amount of electromagnetic energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile device. The Council of the European Union has set radiation standards for cell phones at 2 watts per kilogram, measured over the 10 grams of tissue that is absorbing the most signal.

Considering the data collected by the German Federal Office of Radiation Protection , here are the radiation emissions of some popular smartphones in the market today:

To reduce exposure, try to use the loudspeaker option or chord headphones. You can also get into the habit of never carrying the phone in your pockets and use a product specifically designed to block radiation, such as TOCA's Smart Pouch or the No Signal Sleeve.