Story & Mission

Rethinking digital habits
TOCA was designed to create a physical solution that blocks all signals from phones and other devices, enabling a healthier approach to the digital world.

Educating people about the side effects of technology

We are so attached to our smartphones that we are unaware of the damage they can cause on a physical and mental level. Not to mention that they are an open vulnerability for unwarranted surveillance and data processing. The motto "information is power" remains true.

Every step along the way

TOCA's humble beginnings were characterised by DIY and learning by doing. This hands-on approach has continued to this day as we are involved in every step of the process, from design to production. All of our products are carefully handcrafted in our in-house studio in Bali.

Made to last

We don't just want to do less harm, we also want to do more good. We strive for sustainability by making long-lasting products and using carbon-neutral packaging.

Anti-conventional approach

Our success and a lot of the fun comes from finding new ways to do things.