About Us

Rita Couto /
Ambassador Lead & Community

"Awareness comes with education, and the smartphone industry has definitely done well to skip that part of the homework."


Torben Karall /
Sales Director

"It's time to protect ourselves from the side effects of technology"


Lukas Romuk /
Brand strategist

"Focus and attention have been declining sharply for years. We want to regain and maintain our consciousness in order to live a fully present life. TOCA is designed to help us take these steps away from destruction and back into the real world."

Andre Hostalacio /
Co-founder & Creative Director

"A smartphone is a powerful tool, and it works like an energy ball, I'm pretty sure you don't want to carry that ball in your pocket all the time."


Denis Altschul /
Co-founder & Managing Director

"It is easier to turn the pages to distraction than to step back to reflect.

If you are interested in our dealer program and customization, you can reach Torben at sales(at)toca.site. For other inquiries, contact us at management(at)toca.site


TOCA only exists because we are lucky enough to be surrounded by
to be surrounded by good people and initiatives:

Advisory Board

Daniel Mascarenhas
Consultant for communication and marketing

Daniel is an enthusiast and supporter from the very beginning; he provides weekly advice on brand positioning and communication strategy.

Sascha Assenmacher
THE BASTION Agency for Attention

Sascha provides us with creative communication ideas and writes the texts in German.